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Project Description

This program is a modified version of the Terraria World Viewer, made by Frank Perks. 

What does this program do?

This program allows users to create a png image file and convert it into a Terraria World File.

To create a reference file of all colors, click the Png to World tab, and click on the button labled "Create Color Reference Image".

How do I create a world?

To create a world, make a PNG image with the dimensions of the world you wish to create. Use the colors from the reference image to create blocks for the world.

After the image is created, select it under the "Select World Image" section. Then choose a location to save the world.

Then enter the world name, the release number (optional), spawn point, then the level you wish the sky to start from, and the rock layer to start from.

After this, click "Create world" and put it in My Documents/My Games/Terraria/Worlds to play it!



There are two ways to create a world with this program.

1. Use the first tab to generate two png images of an existing world. You should also save the walls,chests, signs, and npc's if you want it to be a replica. 

 Once these are created, you can open them up in any image editor, and create new blocks using the reference image generated on the second tab (The button that says 'create reference image')

 Once the image(s) have been altered, the second tab will create the world. Import chests,signs, and npc's from the respective windows.


2. Create a world from scratch. Create two images with the reference image generated through the second tab  (one for the blocks, and the other for the walls) 

 After creating these images, open the second tab and browse for your images to create the world. You can also create chests, signs, and npc's from this tab.





This program was originally made by Frank Perts, the original program can be found at All code from that program is  owned by Frank Perts.

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