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Terraria World Creator Bugs That prevent gameplay

Jun 12, 2011 at 10:04 PM
Edited Jun 14, 2011 at 12:23 AM

OK, I am glad to see that this kinda works... I love the fact that you can take images and boom make it... However, it needs some major work.... OK it creates the world and you edit it and make it again... the problem is is that the world that is created is not great. Wherever furniture is holes are made in your background as well as trees aren't trees rather wood poles. Also it is a single layer platform meaning what is in front is what is there... If you copy your home and paste on a new world then you should have it. Sadly, everywhere a chair, light source, furnace, table... anything no wall will be behind it. Very bad. now if when you exported it made new colors to represent this change I wouldn't mind but repairing is murder.... Also, it exits terraria if you go below a certain depth. Which is really NOT OK. Also the dungeon isn't considered a dungeon because all of the chests and books leave so many holes that it doesn't recognize It even have one. Which is a big downside... But it is a start... if the .png image it created would somehow make more colors to compensate a chest in-front of a wall or water with a background wall... so i wouldn't have to go back and fix it and the depth thing was fixed as well as the zero dungeon problem. This would be the best Terraria editing program on the web... As of now those are the main problems that prevent me from even making a map... The stick trees can be over looked but the rest is a must... So hold off on the download. After these things are fixed maybe a chest viewer and editor would be nice to add but having a workable world is way more important at the moment. I also noticed that demon alters and shadow orbs don't exits. and since you can't make these it is kind of pointless not to have the maker make them. the doors don't work either. They disappear when you open them. and don't come back till you put one there.

1. Furniture makes holes in walls causing you not to have a dungeon. Plus nothing is there not even the furniture. Same goes with the shadow orbs and alter just a hole in the background and no alter or orb... pointless cause you can't even make them...

2. If you go past a certain depth Terraria crashes :( It does and I don't know why...

3. Image it creates needs to compensate to make it make that world without the need to re-edit it. "It made the image it should be able to remake the world it made without any of these problems" The colors are mostly right but the map creator just doesn't make certain pieces of the game like furniture however i did notice the colors where not even correct in the .png for the orbs and alter... upon reediting i found it didn't matter they still didn't show up :( Plus chests aren't even there in the original .png the program makes either..

4. Trees aren't trees 

5. DO NOT DOWNLOAD TILL 1-2 are fixed not worth the effort or the download at the moment... 1-2 are big issues 3 is highly important and if you complain about 4... I understand... they do look very stupid but they are working trees that don't grow... so whatever on them... plant you good ones... the planted ones still grow.

P.S. to the creator... Other than that I love the idea... You can finally make your own Terraria. It just needs some major bug fixes... once they are fixed... Look out Terraria this is going to get interesting :) but they need to be fixed or the 300 downloads will stay 300... everyone should have this... trust me... If this program meets these fixes... Lets get this program going! If the problems are fixed it will be the best Terraria program out there PERIOD. As of now it is just not a finished program.

Jun 17, 2011 at 3:38 AM

Thanks for writing this out, as I appreciate any feedback I can get on my program.

Looking back, I have no idea why I released this program in that state that it was in. I honestly think I was so exited to see what what people would do with it then to see the problems right in front of me.

I agree, this program as it stands is awful. It is as bare bones as it can get, and needs a lot of improving, which is something I hope the next version can provide.

I have already created a new discussion on what is coming, so there is no need to repeat myself here. But I hope that next time I can release something worthy of the community using.


Thank you for your feedback, and for holding on till the next release,